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Hello and welcome to Le Ballet Théâtral de Montréal (BTM) web site.

This page is a summary of the main lines regarding the work we do within our school.  It is offered in your own language as our message to you. But, we invite you to surf through the main site in French, or, as applicable, in the English or the Spanish version so that you can get all the information available and also enjoy the visual presentation.

Le Ballet Théâtral de Montréal dance school is unique principally because of the quality of its teaching intervention with students. Our teachers are not only qualified in their respective artistic field, but are also gotten through a special dance teacher training program under the supervision of Mrs Monique Goyer.

This educational method, which is at the very heart of the BTM's mission, permit a student who is interested in learning how to dance, to really understand what he does and how to do it, thus, through his efforts, may achieve the physical, artistic, personal and social self-fulfillment he really wants.

To his great pleasure, the student can then observe an increase of his own motor ability as well as his intelligence toward grasping the notions and richness of this art form.  Immersed in this positive work ambiance, which happens to be one of our goals, the young dancer becomes more aware of himself and thus of others.

Founded by Mrs Monique Goyer, who celebrates her 40th year of career in the field of professional dance teaching, the BTM proposes the following courses : classical dance (ballet),  jazz dance, pointes, character dance and interpretation as well as preparatory dance programs for children starting at the age of 3.

Our training year is divided in 3 sessions, starting in September all the way to the end of June which is concluded alternatively by a demonstration in studio and a presentation on stage. To register, a new student must first communicate with us to reserve his or her place. The reservation can also be done on the web site. Once his or her request is accepted, he or she can then show up at the first class of the session and try it out before signing up. After that first class, he can proceed to the registration and the payment as per our terms laid out in the contract.

Our students are assigned to a specific group based on their age and/or experience and according to what is judged best for him or her as well as the availability of spaces left in the classes. The student must feel at ease in the group and show interest for the dance activity.  

We are pleased that you have noticed the value of our training methods and that you are interested to find out more about us.

We welcome you to this magical world with an educative goal...

Monique Goyer

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